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To accelerate corporate adoption and action on sustainability, support a sustainable energy transition, and power progress towards a net-zero future by addressing global ESG challenges head on.


We partner with purpose-driven companies working to solve today's most challenging societal and sustainability issues in order to meet the needs of tomorrow's generation.


The pandemic has been a powerful reminder of our shared fragility and has driven society to accelerate climate efforts in a bolder way. Amid all the suffering and disruption caused, we are seeing a historic shift globally towards a net-zero future by governments and corporations . 127 governments*, responsible for around 60% of global emissions, have committed to a net-zero pathway.


In addition to major policy developments, we are also seeing a profound shift unfolding in the financial markets. More and more investors are choosing to allocate their investment capital towards sustainability-focused companies. Every executive team and board will need to consider how this will impact their own company’s future performance, reputation and valuation.


We believe the 2020’s and 2030’s will be viewed as the energy and climate decades. There will be no company whose business won’t be profoundly impacted by the transition to a net-zero future; a future where we emit no more CO2 than we remove from the atmosphere.


As these trends further accelerate, companies with clear long-term strategies and detailed plans to achieve their own net-zero pathways will flourish, distinguishing themselves with stakeholders and society at large. Companies that do not change or who are not prepared, and have no net zero plan, will flounder.


Net-zero will demand unprecedented global collaboration, major new innovations, incredible levels of commitment and investment, the transformation of consumer behaviours and the rethinking of the entire global economy.

In order to contain global warming to less than 2 degrees, we need to reduce human derived emissions by 8-10% annually between now and 2050 to achieve net zero by mid-century. The transition must also be fair, just, and protect people’s livelihoods. 

This is one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced.


All of this can only be achieved with courageous bold leadership, a sense of profound conviction, and unprecedented global collaboration.

As of March 2021*




We offer two distinct services;


We help established companies recruit new board members with specialist Climate, ESG & Sustainability expertise &


We recruit exceptional leaders for organizations


· ESG & Sustainability

· Environment & Climate Impact

· External Affairs & Government Relations

· Social Impact & Corporate Good

· Health, Safety & Environment


 · Power & Renewables

· Mining & Metals

· Oil & Gas

· Petrochemical & Plastics

· Materials Development & Innovation

· Transportation & Logistics 

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​As impact entrepreneurs, WE WALK THE "PURPOSE" TALK.  We know first-hand an exceptional leadership team and board of directors is essential to any business’s success.  Our experience in building purpose-led companies like Energy Disruptors, ScaleBlaze, and The Great YYC Staycation from the ground up gives us a unique advantage in hiring for impact orientated leadership roles.

Through our award-winning Energy Disruptors summit and 15-year track record in the executive search and consulting markets, we’ve built a network of more than 5000 of the world’s most influential leaders and decision-makers in the global energy, climate and mobility sectors. We’ve been fortunate enough to work directly with some of the planet’s most impactful leaders including Sir Richard Branson, Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Cain, Sir Ken Robinson, Dr. Vivienne Ming and Michael Liebreich.


Our clients and corporate partners include brands like AWS, Microsoft, IBM, Shell, EY, Wood Mackenzie, Schlumberger, Teck and Air Canada.


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